Today, Sunday 20th of January 2019

Tesla Mobile App Review

Tesla Mobile App Review

First things to notice right away is the icon is new its no longer that Ski icons with 3d look. It look a lot flatter new splash screen and representation of the car at the top like everything about the car is accurate the lights whether they’re on or off wheels do the winter wheels on new when people change the summer back on when it get warm it’ll be petty accurate and paint color and you see is open so, when we close the door of the car and it will closes in the app too and then everything else on the app all controls you have exactly the same in fact there’s pretty much no functionality added it’s still does all the same stuff to the car.

In the top of app the car is named as status how many miles or less on the battery and there is three little quick controls here one to turn on the fan for the climate control and the car will immediately start heating up or cooling down to for key less start if you don’t have the car key with you and there to unlock the car and that would go ahead and unlock the handle as you can see in app it pops-out right there and then below that are bunch of the more detailed control that used to be separated out into the tabs at the bottom so for the climate control if you turn that on.

Tool like may be there’s some new plugs in the API in this app that will let that the added in the future but as of right now its still all the same function as last one just a little faster whom the control here which people can get all the same thing that included in the previous app.

So yo can vent the roof again lock or unlock the car flash the headlight and they cam start up the car right there and you can put it in valet mode from the app.

Charging is pretty simple it just tells you what you’re charging status is if you’re charging it’ll update you on how fast you’re going and you can open the charge port and self charging limit and of course. Summon feature still does all the same things it did before connects to your vehicle or lets have it pull up out of a driveway out of a tight space into a tight space whatever you wanted to do the car will start moving when it detects it has the room so obviously there’s no one car.

The information about the car it’s all accurate its much cleaner. The main things which is new on the both android and ios application is launched with appropriate way including majors features.


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